Remote control of an air conditioner with infrared and a Spark Core

If you are lucky enough to live in a city with old buildings and a crowded rental market, then you have probably encountered a window air conditioner. In most residential rental properties of NYC, they are the de-facto standard . Central air conditioning is only found in new construction, but sometimes not even then. I have the great privilege of owning two units. The Friedrich CP08G10 for my 200 square foot bedroom, and the GE AEM12ARW1 for the remainder of the apartment. »

How to refresh Safari in iOS Simulator with your keyboard

If you do any kind of mobile web development, chances are you use the iOS Simulator quite a bit. Since iOS 7 was released, refreshing your web page in the simulator has become quite cumbersome. You have to click the title bar, and then click the refresh button. Whose has time for 2 clicks? I certainly don’t, and unfortunately Apple hasn’t provided a keyboard shortcut. I have discovered a way around this. »

Author image Bryce Kahle

How I influenced a map design in Doom 3

It is the summer of 2004. I’m in the midst of planning a trip to Mesquite, TX for myself and my teammates. This is during a ten-year stint where I traveled the country competing in Laser Quest tournaments. I was scoping out hotels when I remembered that id Software is headquartered in Mesquite, TX. After some diligent internet research, I stumbled upon the address of the office building where they are located. »

Author image Bryce Kahle